Information for Parents

The YU-card is more than just photo ID -- it's also a safe, convenient and cost effective way for students to budget for, and purchase, essentials while on campus.  Loading up your student's YU-card with money ("Flex Dollars") is a great way to ensure that they have access to funds for necessities.

Budget-Friendly Benefits

  • No fees
  • No interest
  • Access to the Bookstore Rewards program
  • Savings through other deals and discounts
  • Not usable for alcohol, tobacco or lottery products
  • Unspent Flex Dollars refundable upon request

Supporting Your Student

You can add money to your student's YU-card quickly and easily using the secure Online YU-card Office and clicking on "Guest Deposit". These transactions occur as regular purchase charges on your credit card, so you won't be subject to cash advance fees or interest charges.